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Weathershield Insulation

Weathershield is a cellulose insulation product made from cellulose fibre, a processed paper material treated with harmless, naturally-occurring chemicals. The paper used in Weathershield is 100% recycled material and the finished product contains extremely low volatile organic compounds (VOC). It is installed in the attics of commercial, residential, and agricultural buildings.  For almost four decades it has proven to have the smallest carbon footprint of any type of insulation.

What Customers Say

Our contractor used Weathershield cellulose fibre in our new energy efficient home. It works beautifully at keeping in the warmth and keeping out the noise of the city. As a bonus, it is made in Canada from recycled material. We have nothing but praise for this product.
Jeanette Boman & Kevin Taft, Homeowners
We use only Weathersield Cellulose insulation in our attics for a couple of very practical reasons. The first is that the density of the product stops the movement of moisture which stops the problem of frosting on the underside of the roof in the attic. The second reason is that we also receive less call backs that deal with problem attics due to poor insulation.
In addition to the insulation qualities of densely-packed cellulose insulation, I selected cellulose over foam due to the environmentally friendly manufacturing process and the fact that I could leave my lovely cedar siding in place, rather than covering it with foam-board and vinyl. I am pleasantly surprised by the quiet of my house since the insulation was installed – an unexpected benefit.
Lennea Oseen, Homeowner


  • Thermally and acoustically outperforms fibreglass and spray-foam products
  • Doesn’t break down over time; pink fibreglass has been shown to gradually lose structure
  • Maintains a higher value of insulating quality than the same volume of any other insulation
  • What you spend on it, you’ll make back in reduced heating bills (up to a 50% difference!)
  • Due to being blown in place, it fills the irregular cavities of a home and stops air infiltration
  • Its density makes it better than all other insulators at soundproofing a home

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